School Fees

School Fees 2018-2019
The tuition fees for Early Years, Primary and Secondary school are displayed in the following table.

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Application Fee: 22,000 PHP. 
Paid on the day of scheduled pre entry. Non-refundable.

Enrolment Fee: 170,000 PHP 
A one-time fee per family paid in full to secure place, regardless of the date of entry. Non-refundable. 
*Not payable by students entering Pre Nursery or Nursery classes. Please refer to the Foundation Stage 1 Deposit below. 

Capital Development Fee (CDF): 130,000 PHP
Annual fee payable per child. Can be paid termly along with tuition fees. Non-refundable. 
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*Foundation Stage 1 Deposit: 64,500 PHP
For children entering our Pre Nursery and Nursery classes, a security deposit is payable upon accepting a place. This will be deducted from your Enrolment Fee when your child enters our Reception class.

Learning Support Fee:
If support is needed within English fluency then this is paid in full upon enrolment. Non-refundable. 
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Cambridge International Examinations: (I)GCSE
Secondary students who intend to sit for the external exams are billed upon receipt of actual charges. (I)GCSE fees are non-refundable. Once the school has billed the fees, students who leave the program will be charged for the total cost.

School Fees Policy

  • It is understood that a student normally enrols for the entire school year and all fees due payable upon enrolment. 
  • Fees will not be pro-rated for part of a term, regardless of the number of days attended.
  • The Enrolment Fee is to be paid only once by new families upon enrolment.
  • Capital Development Fee is payable annually per student.
  • The Learning Support Fee will not be pro-rated, regardless of the dates of enrolment. 
  • Tuition Fee is non-refundable. 
  • The school rarely grants discounts and there are no discounts for new students/
  • Charge for late payments: A penalty assessment of 3% per month (cumulative) will be billed on fees not paid within 30 days from due date.
  • Students who have accounts in arrears at the end of the quarter will be be issued their report crds and will not be re-admitted the following term.