At The King's International School of Manila we value sports as an activity in itself and as a means for learning a range of transferrable skills and abilities.

Pupils do sport several times a week. A wide range is on offer including team games like football and basketball and individual sports like golf or sailing. The sports programme is supported by outside specialist teachers. 

Swimming is a core activity and so regular lessons begin in Pre-Nursery and continue in every year group beyond.

Matches and competitions are common events at the school and take place both internally and against other schools. Selecting the best team is likely to be secondary to ensuring that every child gets a chance to compete.

Whilst we celebrate success in competition, the school also rewards good teamwork, effort and sportsmanship.

Football (Soccer) School

At King’s we run a Chelsea and Younghusband football academy every Tuesday and Saturday throughout the academic year. The aim of this academy is to help fulfill children's potential in football and build interest as well as skill in the sport through a series of planned matches, games and training exercises.

From learning the basics to becoming an efficient striker, goalkeeper or playmaker on the pitch, the academy tailors individual skill with teamwork to create well-rounded and professional players.
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