Auskick Training

Years 1 to 5 recently participated in an Auskick training session.
Monday, April 23, 2018

The training session was conducted with coaches and players from the Philippine Eagles Australian Football team and the PAFL, Philippine Australian Football League. Auskick teaches Australia Rules Football to kids aged between 5-11.

The students partook in a range of drills and activities that culminated in a kicking competition with two representatives from each house seeing how far they could kick the ball, with Celo (Year 5) winning. It was a fantastic afternoon and the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was great to see all the kids trying their hardest and trying something brand new without hesitation. The coaches and players of the PAFL also all commented on how well behaved and enthusiastic all the KSM students were. 

If your child really enjoyed Auskick and would like to play more PAFL, Auskick will potentially be a future Enrichment Lesson provider at KSM beginning next term. Auskick sessions are also held every Saturday at Club United Merville (formerly known as Nomads). Sessions begin at 2pm and are followed by an adult game. Auskick is a great family day out with many expat families coming down to enjoy the sunshine and kick the footy. For more information please visit, or