Science Day

On Saturday 7th April, we hosted our annual Science Day.
Monday, April 9, 2018

Students were asked to bring in their own projects that they have been working on at home for our Science Fair. It was fantastic to see so many different, varied, original, scientifically accurate, and creative projects completed by the students. Science Day wasn't just about the fair though. The students also had a day of science activities before the event. Some activities included "Egg drop challenge", "Building bridges" using marshmallows and spaghetti, "Frozen science" using liquid nitrogen and dry ice to better understand changes of state and the particle model, and "building hydraulics" to name just a few.

The judges had a very hard time deciding on the winners, but after a full weekend of debate and discussion the following students were given awards:

  • Best in KS1: Zhafirah
  • Best in KS2 = Jane Breuhaus
  • Best in KS3 = Macky
  • King's top scientist = Advik
  • Judges favourite = Leah B.
  • Most organised experiment = Rock
  • Most inventive experiment = Seoyoung
  • Most globally aware experiment = Shena
  • Best scientific knowledge = Maka
  • Most attempts to get a project working = Marcus I and II
  • Great knowledge and communication = Alex
  • Daring to be different = Lia J.
  • Silencing science deniers = Vito
  • Best eggperiment = Caleb


Many thanks to all of the participants, and to the parents for all of their hard work assisting. For those who didn't get an award this year, please do try again next year.